In Memoriam – Stephen Mosley, aka Mose Stephenson 1953–2018

juillet 30th, 2020
Stephen Mosley

Stephen Mosley

We recently received news that Stephen Mosley, a long-time supporter of the War Resisters Support Campaign, left a significant bequest to the Campaign.

Stephen Mosley passed away in June 2018 at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre after a lengthy illness. Predeceased by parents Ray and Joyce. Brother of Paul (Sarah); uncle to Ryan (Casey) and Jordan (Lindsey); great uncle to Keira and Kaiden. Stephen will also be missed by the love of his life Nancy Latimer, who provided extraordinary love and support. In the 1970s Stephen was instrumental in establishing the first Barrie Folk Society. In his later years, performing as Mose Stephenson, he was well known for his street performances and for lobbying the city in support of an organized street performer program. He also self-produced 5 CDs and had songs profiled on CBC Radio.

Stephen’s brother Paul offered this appreciation of his brother:

“He was a lifelong protester against war and aggression around the world. And his passion for music and his stance against war came together with the folk music movement and artists like Neil Young and Bob Dylan. He was profiled in local media burning the American flag on the streets of Barrie at the start of the Gulf War. He read prolifically the works of Noam Chomsky, Che Guevara, and others. And he wrote letters and emails to the Prime Minister of Canada and to the President of the United States to challenge their policies domestically and around the world. Even in his last few months he managed to find the strength to physically protest the installation of war equipment in local parkland on Barrie’s lakeshore. Knowing the end was near, Stephen prepared his Will, ensuring that the sum of $5000 was bequeathed to the War Resisters, whose work he had followed over the years. He passed away peacefully at Barrie’s Royal Victoria Hospital on June 11th, 2018.

“He received the City of Barrie’s first “Changemaker” Award (posthumously in 2019) for his lobbying work toward establishing a downtown music busking program. The City will always remember you in your cap and fingerless gloves, playing in the coldest days of the year, Beyond his music, many will also always remember his art and his activism.

“His struggle is over, but we hope his music and his passion for social and political issues will live on. Rest in peace, brother.”

You can enjoy Mose’s music here.

The War Resisters Support Campaign deeply appreciates this gift which will assist U.S. war resisters as they finalize their status in Canada.

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