Conscientious Objectors Day – time to let U.S. Iraq war resisters stay

mai 14th, 2016

May 15th is International Conscientious Objectors Day. Please take a minute today to write to Minister of Immigration John McCallum and Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould. Ask them to let U.S. war resisters stay in Canada.

Amnesty International Canada recently wrote to the Minister of Immigration outlining their concerns about the unfair treatment of of U.S. war resisters.

You can make a difference by sending a brief message today. Here is a sample you can copy and paste into your email. Feel free to edit it or write your own message.

Email addresses to send to:

You can cc your own Member of Parliament. To find their contact info, click here and enter your postal code.

Sample letter:

Dear Ministers,

May 15th is International Conscientious Objectors Day. I am writing you today to ask that you take this opportunity to resolve the situation of U.S. Iraq war resisters in Canada and allow them to stay in Canada.

Many of these conscientious objectors to the illegal and immoral war in Iraq have been in Canada for 10 years or more. The previous Conservative government interfered in their cases and they have still not had a fair and impartial hearing. I urge you to address this situation by:

– withdrawing Operational Bulletin 202 which singles out U.S. war resisters
– halting the litigation in their cases which was initiated by the Conservative government

Canadians overwhelmingly opposed the Iraq war and want U.S. war resisters to stay, as they did during the Vietnam war. Please to the right thing and move quickly to resolve the unfair handling of these cases by the previous government and let U.S. conscientious objectors stay.

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